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“The Orthodox Christian experience is infused with beauty. God calls to us through the presence of beautiful things—from the elegant chalice that houses Christ’s very body to the icons of beloved saints hanging in our homes. Beautiful Things is a 64-page coloring and activity book for our littlest believers. As they color the Good Shepherd or the Jesus Prayer, they are cultivating their own sensibility to beauty while learning to recognize some of the meaningful symbols, elements, and motifs of the Church.”

This project was a challenge for me- and like all challenges, the reward is growth. I typically work with a lot of color and many layers of materials, so stripping an image down to its inky skeleton was quite a stretch for me. The simplicity is actually the most difficult thing to achieve, because this is not just a bottom layer sketch, but the finished product, it needs to be sturdy, durable, controlled and flawless to an extent.

I am so grateful to Jane G. Meyer and Matt Dorning for their wise guidance, sharp eye and articulate encouragement to make this special coloring book come together.

It is my hope that it will be enjoyed by children of all ages (1-101!), and that you may find in it a quiet moment to simply color and listen to the whispering of crayon on paper, or perhaps a shared moment, side by side, whispering about beautiful things.

You can find your copy here:



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