Exhibition Installation: West-Mont Montessori school

Today we opened our annual Student Art Exhibition at West-Mont Montessori school where I am the art teacher. We transformed the ceiling of the gymnasium by hanging parachutes and an abundance of light strings.

Enjoying the musical installation ("Synesthetic Compositions")

Students are listening to the music that was played during the "compositions" of the drawings in front of them (1. African Lullaby, 2. Theme from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", 3. Mozart Symphony, 4. Holst's "The Planets: Uranus the Magician".

"Lullaby" compositions

Compositions of the theme from "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind"

Architectural pointillism paintings of the school building

Mondrian inspired grids (using tape & watercolour)

Still-life drawings of the Montessori Trinomial Cube

Collage animals inspired by Charles Harper

Le Petite Sistine Chapel (art fort)

We also installed a fort using wooden pallets that became our "Petite Sistine Chapel" where the students renderings of "The Creation of Adam" (drawn under their desks).

West-Mont Montessori, Metchosin, BC

  1. wonderful job Megs! I love the fort area where they can view the “creation of Adam”. Wish we could be up there to take part in the wonderful things you do!

  2. Linda Malone said:

    So awesome again!! I, too, esp. love the fort idea!! What fun the kids must have had drawing under their desks! You do such a fantastic job teaching those kiddos!! Wonderful talking to you last night! xoxoxoxo

  3. Aubrey Coon said:

    Beautiful work as always Mega!

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