Simon Hughes, Canadian

Creating buildings that don’t (and you probably wouldn’t want to have a pic-nic under them if they did) exist, with colorful watercolors that seem to mix past, present and future into one playful narrative.

He allows his 18-month-old daughter to participate in mark making and then extends the invitation to the spirit of Inuit folk-lore, coureurs de bois/voyagers and art history. Some of these arrangements are seen in illustrations containing log cabins, beaver dams, Inuit hunters and whale blubber (that strangely resembles a wheat field in a Brueghel landscape).

A graduate of the University of Manitoba, he graciously inspires my growing fascination with can-con: snow, hockey, wilderness, ice, trees, and even glitter stickers of walruses.

This is someone else named Simon Hughes…

He is five years old and apparently shot this 12 1/2 foot long, 800 pound alligator on his families property in Texas. “I wasn’t even afraid,” Simon said, “It’s pretty much simple. I got my gun out and shot him.” So, there we have it folks.


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