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Ms. Hopkins knows a thing or two about the relationship between the artist and the pre-existing surface. Over the past twenty years she has devoted herself to working within, without, above and below the surfaces of many a medium (fabric, newspaper, maps, etc), indexing each printed mark with her own.

Louise’s art plays on the eradication of the pre-existing design. Her works show that the process of erasure is creative not necessarily reductive. Drawing becomes redrawing.














In her “maps,” Hopkins makes drawing and reading inseparable. As difficult as it is for us all to remember, her works help to remind us that we do not read the same things in the same way.









Louise Hopkins lives and paints in Glasgow. She studied and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art (1994) and Newcastle Polytechnic (1988). In 2007 she exhibited at the 52nd Venice Biennale for Scotland.



I am very grateful to now be a part of the Vancouver Island School of Art, an accredited private post-secondary contemporary art school established in Victoria in 2004.

VISA offers an amazing variety of courses and workshops in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, crafts, video art, art history and art theory. All of their courses and workshops can be applied for credit towards a Certificate of Visual Art or Diploma of Fine Art. Their Certificate of Visual Art  is also the equivalent of the 1st year of a BFA degree at the emily carr university of art + design.

If you’re in the area you should join me for my first workshop: Drawing Today: Illustration and Narrative (August 8, 9 & 10, 10am – 5pm ).

In this workshop we will focus on the use of drawing in illustration and narrative art, historically and today. We’ll talk about the traditions of storytelling, iconography, cave paintings, illustrated manuscripts and documentation as we use illustration as a tool for the narration and examination of our own life and times.

Inspiring Artists include:

Henry Darger, Emily Prince, Pavel Pepperstein, William Kentridge, Barry McGee, Yoshitomo Nara, Takashi Munrakami, Marcel Dzama, Amy Cutler and Jockum Nordstrum.


11 year-old John Woolley lives and works out of San Diego, California.

Preferring to work with ink and watercolors, John often produces images of his surroundings as seen from travels with his parents or things on his bedroom floor. The watercolors typically take him 30 minutes to 6 hours, he says, and he is making hundreds of them.

Read more about him and view his visual diary at “Back Yard Journals“.

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