Stephanos Mangriotis

Stephanos Mangriotis is a photographer working primarily out of Athens and Marseilles in collaboration with DEKADRAGE. I had the honor of working with Stephanos at the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts this spring.

In his work Europa Inch’Allah (2009-2010), he gives an intimate view of the reality of immigration into Europe through the port in Patras, Greece. He has a way of getting below the surface with people that really shows within his photography. He shows us the many faces of life as an immigrant through the waiting, the paper work, the hotels, the beaches, the demolished camps, the cemeteries, the unknown.


In his work Urban Factory, 2006-2007, his photographs critique the similar movements of humanity as caught up in societal patterns of urban existence.

And everybody notices them, but who actually stops to photograph them? (Sapins Poubelles, 2007 – 2008)


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