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Video by
Efren Quiroz:


An installation at the Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, BC

Dynamis, is a Greek word meaning ‘with power’. In modern usage, the word dynamic, as opposed to static, implies moving, growing, changing. This piece gathers beeswax candles melted into thick disks that appear static, but in actuality are quite dynamic (quantum physics would agree). Despite their perceived immobility and stillness, this wax, conceived in light of its larger lifespan, is in transition (a process of waxing and waning, or melting, if you will).


These disks will continue to be purified from the sand and old wicks, and eventually recast as ‘new’ candles to be lit again and placed in bowls or wheels of sand by many different hands for many different reasons. Every end is present in its beginning. This cyclical pattern culminates, perhaps, during liturgical prayers which involve the call/response utterance of “dynamis!”, an almost untranslatable term which acknowledges both the collective freedom and aesthetic affect of seeking to describe the invisible.


The video was filmed at Ekatontapyliani, a Byzantine Orthodox church on the island of Paros, in Greece. What is being shown here is a prayer wheel. As people enter the church, candles are lit from other, already lit candles, and are placed alongside them in the sand. To make room for more candles, someone is given the responsibility of harvesting the previously lit candles. The video is shown in reverse as an abstraction of the spreading of light in a removal of time. For if time conditions space, matter is always moving and we are known by our change.


Now, life is an evolution. We concentrate a period of this evolution in a stable view which we call a form, and, when the change has become considerable enough to overcome the fortunate inertia of our perception, we say that the body has changed its form. But in reality the body is changing form at every moment; or rather, there is no form, since form is immobile and the reality is movement. What is real is the continual change of form: form is only a snapshot view of a transition.  Therefore, here again, our perception manages to solidify into discontinuous images the fluid continuity of the real.         

                         Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution

You are Cordially invited to Attend the Opening/Closing Reception for:

“DYNAMIS: The Reality is Movement”
An installation with beeswax & video, by Megan E. Gilbert

Friday, June 17th, 2011
Ministry of Casual Living:
1442 Haultain Street Victoria, BC

See you there!

Stephanos Mangriotis is a photographer working primarily out of Athens and Marseilles in collaboration with DEKADRAGE. I had the honor of working with Stephanos at the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts this spring.

In his work Europa Inch’Allah (2009-2010), he gives an intimate view of the reality of immigration into Europe through the port in Patras, Greece. He has a way of getting below the surface with people that really shows within his photography. He shows us the many faces of life as an immigrant through the waiting, the paper work, the hotels, the beaches, the demolished camps, the cemeteries, the unknown.


In his work Urban Factory, 2006-2007, his photographs critique the similar movements of humanity as caught up in societal patterns of urban existence.

And everybody notices them, but who actually stops to photograph them? (Sapins Poubelles, 2007 – 2008)

French photography Geoffroy Matthieu collects images like a poet collects words.

In his collection “Un mince vernis de réalité” he has a series called Canopée. This series speaks about the angle at which we view situations. “Sometimes there need to be cracks so that we can let some light in”.

Also check out his collection Parcelles.


California born, Finnish raised, Nina Katchadourian makes work in a wide variety of media including photography, sculpture, video and sound with themes on:

Her work has been exhibited domestically and internationally at places such as PS1/MoMA, the Serpentine Gallery, New Langton Arts, Artists Space, SculptureCenter, and the Palais de Tokyo. In January 2006 the Turku Art Museum in Turku, Finland featured a solo show of works made in Finland, and in June 2006 the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs exhibited a 10-year survey of her work and published an accompanying monograph entitled “All Forms of Attraction.” The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego presented a solo show of recent video installation works in July 2008. She is all over the place & I love her.

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