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Patrick Gilbert is a working artist based in San Diego, California. He is the recipient of  the 2011 Jurors Choice Award at Cannon Gallery Juried Biennial.
Patrick’s sculptural and photographic work has a strength that comes from his acute sense of detail and purity. Patrick work demonstrates the idea that, “densities and temperatures are the sole forces that separate and delineate the spaces of our world. Atmospheres stacked and reachable only through a lens or in a theory. This is the process of finding sight within the bounds of the natural world. Real lines redeem the spaces in which larger atmospheres lie”.

Practically since birth, Patrick has been training in the skill of craftsmanship. His father, Gary Gilbert, is a fine-wood worker based in Carlsbad, California. Patrick and his brother Gaelan would spend many hours helping their father in the shop, developing their knowledge of wood, machines, the sharpness of their aesthetic eye and craft of hand (as well as many toy swords). Patrick is also my brother, and I love him.

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