Monthly Archives: September 2010

Chu Yun, born in Jiangxi, China in 1977, ┬árecognizes that the meaning of art often resides in intersecting spaces between maker, object and audience. Chu Yun is able to reveal what remains hidden in a poetic way, as seen in his ongoing work of ‘Constellation’, which I first viewed at the 2009 Venice Biennale. This installation consists of various household electrical appliances divorced from their usual function and installed in a dark room. Their flashing indicator lights comprise a small universe.

In a conversation with curator Hu Fang, Chu Yun described his preoccupation with the everyday as follows: “In fact, what changes us are not necessarily those things of which we are overtly conscious about, or even the things that we are able to remember. I think we are more liable to being unconsciously changed by things we cannot easily observe, and that these things change us even more quickly and drastically.”

Chu Yun lives and works in Shenzhen and has many other very interesting conceptual installations such as women sleeping, soap collections and baroque flower arrangements.

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