Pavel Pepperstein

"Monument of the yellow colour, Kamchatka, 4307"

My first encounter with the art and critique of Pavel Pepperstein was in September of the 2009 Venice Biennale. It seems, after the long year of travel (visiting many musuems as well as contemporary exhibitions), that Pepperstein’s work jumps into my mind most vividly and is continually referenced. I guess that is why he is my first (in the upcoming list of recent inspirators).

shown in "Landscapes of the Future", Russian Pavillion, Venice Biennale 2009

"The Great Egg of Easter, 2124"

"The Artificial Clouds in the Year 2488 "

"The huge spiral of DNK, erected in the West Sibyria in the year 3021"

"The Attack of the Old Houses"

A little bit about: Artist Pavel Pepperstein was born 1966 in Moscow, Russia, he now lives and works there as well as Tel Aviv (more information here). “The Muscovite artist is a modern-day Renaissance man. In the art world, he’s acclaimed for his annotated watercolours, where free association and surreal wit rules. In delicate washes of paint, political and cultural symbols are set adrift in a fantastical landscape peopled by knights, spacemen and figures of Russian folklore, while accompanying scraps of text play wry word games. But while Pepperstein has shown his work all over the world, in his home country he is better known for his best-selling novels and his eloquent, politically minded rapping” (


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